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We have developed three programmes to suit your own unique requirements whatever stage of your cancer journey:


This premium programme provides you with the most comprehensive support to achieve your goals.


Whether that be managing any symptoms or side-effects of treatment or supporting you with living well beyond cancer.


Our aim is to provide you the time, intensive support and all the tools to fully focus on you.



      75 minute initial assessment 

      Four 45 minutes follow up sessions

      Comprehensive dietary nutritional       analysis report

      Email support between each session so you feel fully supported during each step 




This programme is focused on delving a bit deeper discovering what and how you need to improve your diet and lifestyle.


We will set realstic achievable goals whatever stage of your cancer journey and you will be provided will all the tools needed to achieve these at each consulation.



      60 minute initial assessment 

      Two 40 minutes follow up sessions

      Comprehensive dietary nutritional       analysis report





If you are not sure where to begin, maybe you have a few questions about your diet and cancer or just 1 or 2 areas you would like more suport with this programme may be for you.










      60 minute initial assessment 

      One 40 minutes follow up session

      Comprehensive dietary nutritional       analysis report


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INITIAL CONTACT: Complementary 15-minute call 


COMPREHENSIVE NUTRITIONAL ASSESSMENT AND GOAL SETTING: considering all your medical, diet and lifestyle needs 


DIETARY ANALYSIS REPORT: Computerised PDF report, outlining your average nutritional intake for Marco and micronutrients and compared to recommended daily allowances (read more about this here)

POST- CONSULTATION REPORT: a detailed summary after each consultation


BESPOKE  DIET TREATMENT PLAN AND INFORMATION WORKSHEETS: outlining your targets and detailed steps on how to achieve your goals after each consultation 


LETTER TO YOUR GP/HEALTH PROVIDER: after the initial appointment and as required

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does it matter what stage of treatment I am in?

Each programme is tailored to your unique stage and needs. All programmes are suited to those in treatment, after treatment or recovery.

I've had cancer in the past and now looking for weight loss advice, do you cover this?

Yes, a lot of clients are looking to improve their diet and lifestyle after cancer the programmes are perfectly designed to support you with this.

How are the sessions conducted?

Appointment are available online using a secure platform or face-to-face at 2 clinic locations: Sutton Physio, 2 Coleridge Avenue, Sutton, SM1 3RQ The Surrey Psychology Practice Castle House (side entrance)
Park Road, Banstead
Surrey, SM7 3BT Please note all face-face appointments are subject to a small additional clinic fee.

Can I move between programmes?

If you start on the Discover you Programme you can move to the Explore or Revitalise You programme if you feel you need more support

Further sessions can also be arranged after the Revitalise You Programme depending on your individual needs

How long do each Programme last?

We recommend consultations every 2-3 weeks:

In the Revitalise You the consultations can be take over 10-12 weeks

In the Explore You programme consultations can be taken over 5-6 weeks

In the Discover You programme consultations can be taken over 2-3 weeks

What if I have another condition in addition to cancer (currently or in the past), can you still help?

I understand than cancer may not be your only concern, or that you may have other pre-existing health concerns or side effects from treatment. As a specialist Dietitian also with over 16 years clinical experience, I would be able to support you. Please feel free to contact me to discuss your individual requirements.

To book your free 15 minute telephone consultation