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My review of Nutrium: Software for Nutritionists and Dietitians

Disclosure: this is a sponsored review written for Nutrium but is my critical and honest review of the software. It also contains an affiliate link which if you click through will provide you with a 25% discount code and I will also earn a commission.

This blog is aimed at Dietitians and Nutritionists who are interested in a nutrition software for their practice.

I have been looking into a nutrition software package for some time and like most of you I have lots of separate systems for running my practice; a program for scheduling clients, meal planning software, the list goes on. So, I have been interested in trying something that could incorporate all of these processes but in a very user-friendly and efficient manner. I also heard that Nutrium has introduced a new function for telehealth integration so I jumped at the chance for a Nutrium trial.

What is Nutrium?

Nutrium is a fully GDPR compliant software for Dietitians and nutritionists that has three main functions:

  1. Practice management: allows you to organise your practice in terms of registering clients, scheduling appointments, recording client information and measurements, adding client goals/recommendations and storing client documents

  2. Nutritional information and analysis: Nutrium has an in built nutrient analysis software to create meal plans, analyse recipes, estimate nutritional requirements (using the most common energy equations), and provide nutritional information.

  3. Client follow up: the associated mobile app allows you to communicate with your client so they can keep you updated on their progress and you can provide regular encouragement and feedback.

If you would like to try out Nutrium for yourself, you can use this link and the offer code JINUTRITION for a 25% discount

Getting started

To get me started I arranged a call with Manuela the UK rep, to walk me through the software so that I could get a feel for how the software could work for me, which really helped before I had a go myself. Starting with the home screen shown below:

The home screen will show any future appointments you have booked and also any messages any clients have sent you through the app.

Customising your profile

First of all, I set up my ‘professional profile’ accessed from clicking on your name in the righthand corner. You can then customise your profile to add your business logo, business colours, contact details and practice addresses. All of this information can be pulled into any documents you create on the software such as meal plans.

Registering a client

To practice with the nutrition software Nutrium has preloaded an ‘example client’ for you to use and gives you a chance to explore the software which I found was the easiest way to get to grips with all the features. You can use the ‘example client’ to book appointments and have a look at what information you can record and report on.

Booking an appointment

Once you register your client you can start booking appointments. You can also synchronize your appointments with your Google Calendar.

Nutrium has recently added a new feature for video consultations. Now there is an option to specify video consultations when you book an appointment, which is already integrated with ‘google hangouts’ (with Zoom soon to be added) and generates a link which is sent to your client. If you use another platform for your video calls you just select ‘other services’ and add your link to the box.

Another great feature is online bookings. A link can be added to your website or social media platforms so clients can make direct bookings into your calendar (after setting up your working hours etc).

Adding information from your consultation

After your consultation (or during if you are savvy!), you can input all your client information. Nutrium gives you lots of options here, including personal and social history, diet history, eating behaviours and a whole list of other measurements both anthropometric and blood results. It is great to have lots of options but probably a bit too many for most of us. However, you also have the option of upload documents (such as your notes and patient food diaries) in the ‘files’ section.

Meal plans

In the ‘meals’ section, you can create a meal plan for your client with a detailed macro and micronutrient nutritional breakdown. Below is an example of the type of PDFs you can create.

The client app

The unique benefit of this nutrition software is the ability to communicate with clients via the app.

  • You can upload meal plans and new recommendations for client to review

  • Clients can ‘tick off’ if they have complied with your meal plan targets

  • Messages can be sent between clients and yourself, this could be some encouragement or regular prompts such as have a drink of water!

  • Clients can record their weight or exercise

Limitations of the software

One limitation of Nutrium, is that you can only analyse client food diaries by using the ‘Meal plan’ function. You can still create lovely clear graphs using this, but I would have liked the option to create a separate food diary report in addition to your meal plan recommendations.

There is also an option to create your own Nutrium webpage but this may not be very well used as most dietitians and nutritionists will have their own website.

There is a range of standard meal plan templates in the ‘Templates’ section of the software and you can even create your own meal templates. However, it would be useful if you could create your own template documents and pull information from the software (such as client weights and your recommendations) which could be used to create your own post-consultation reports.

My overall opinion

I have been impressed with Nutrium, it has so many functions to streamline your practice and is a complete nutrition software package for Dietitians and Nutritionists.

If you would like to try out Nutrium for yourself, you can use this link use the offer code JINUTRITION for a 25% discount


This post contains affiliate links for Nutrium and I receive a commission if you visit the link and buy something on my recommendation. Purchasing via an affiliate link doesn’t cost you any extra, and I only recommend products and services I trust. All opinions are my own. For more details see my disclosure policy

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