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How to exercise at home during Coronavirus, for free!

Since the Coronavirus lockdown, we are spending lots of time at home, which inevitably leads to less daily activity. So how do we stay fit and active at home?

During my client consultations, we always discuss activity and exercise as it goes hand in hand with following a healthy lifestyle. It is also worth remembering that exercise has far wider benefits for overall health:

The 5 non-weight benefits of keeping active

1. Helps combat stress

Keeping active is a great way to make time for yourself and switch off from the everyday stresses.

2. Improves sleep

Quite simply by being more active will make you feel more tired at the end of the day and helps you to have a deeper sleep.

3. Improves your confidence and self-esteem

Being active gives you sense of achievement- whether it is just doing an extra few steps each day or reaching to the end of your exercise class there is nothing better at making you feel good about yourself!

4. Improves your mood

Physical activity is known to improve our mood and research has shown people even just after a short brisk 10-minute walk can increase our mental alertness, energy and mood

5. Strengthen your bones

Weight training or resistance training in particular helps keep you bones and muscle strong. This is even more important as we age and helps reduce the chances of falls and fractures.

How much exercise do I need?

Your recommended daily exercise needs depend on your age group.


1-5 years: 180 minutes a day

5-18 years olds: 60 minutes per day

Adults and older adults:

19 years and older

150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity (2.5 hours week a week)


75 minutes of vigorous-intensity activity

This can be split over the week (e.g. into short 30 minutes sessions)

Examples of moderate-intensity activity are brisk walking, dancing, water aerobics and cycling (you should still be able to talk but feel warmer and breathing a bit faster)

Examples of vigorous-intensity activity are running, fast swimming, aerobics (you should be feeling very hot and not be able to talk without pausing to take a breath).

It is also worth noting that these are minimum amounts and you may need to do more than this if your target is weight loss.

Home exercises

Since the lockdown, everything is moving online. If you are missing the gym, your usual classes or would like to try something new we have complied a list of free online services that you may want to try. The first links are a great place to start:

NHS Fitness studio

This comprehensive library of workouts has been available before lockdown and it is worth checking this out first, especially if you are new to exercise. There are lots of workouts available here and range from 10 to 45 minutes from strength exercises to aerobic and yoga and pilates and they are aimed at all different abilities and ages.

Joe wicks- The Body Coach

You may have heard of the daily ‘PE with Joe’ for school children but Joe also has a range of different exercises to choose from classes with equipment (e.g kettlebells, hand weights) to low impact exercises and workouts for seniors. Have a look at his YouTube channel.

Fitness Blender

A range of workouts is available on their website, ranging from quick 8 minute sessions to 40 minutes.

Nike Training Club

Download the Nike training app for 185 free workouts

Exercise for children

Have a look at these exercise classes to get your children moving!

Get Kids Moving

Fun workout that gives you children to train like a superhero!

Go Noodle

You need to register for a free account then you can access mindfulness, exercise and dance sessions. Some schools use this so your kids may be familiar with it!

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Fun yoga and mindfulness sessions for children over 3 years. The sessions are themed to popular children’s stories and films.

Cbeebie Andy’s Wild Workouts

Available on BBC iplayer and here. Fun moves with Andy while learning about animal facts.

P.E With Joe

As mentioned above Joe’s 30-minute classes are available every day on his YouTube channel.

Exercise for older adults

Keeping active is still important as we get older have a look at these TV and online classes:

Green Goddess

Diana Morna is doing a regular class for the over 60’s on BBC One breakfast at 6.55am, and 8.55am on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Joe Wicks Senior workout

Details as above

Strengthen and Stretch

Weekly classes on YouTube for over 70’s.

What if you don’t fancy doing a class what else can you do?


Put on some music and have a dance around the room! Or if you would like a more structured session there are dance workouts that can be found on YouTube such as 305 Fitness

Housework, gardening, and DIY!

Doing some extra housework, gardening or DIY is sure to get you moving too!


There are yoga videos on the NHS Fitness studio and another good YouTube channel is Yoga with Adriene

How to make the most of your daily outdoor exercise

Running and jogging

If you are new to running the NHS has some great tips for beginners and the NHS Couch to 5k is a podcast you can download on your phone. The podcasts are divided into weekly sessions with music and instructions on how to get running.


If you don’t feel like jogging or running, how about going out for a walk? If you have a step counter on your phone or watch you can record your steps to help challenge yourself to walk a bit further each time.

If you were a gym member before lockdown your gym may still be offering you some home workouts so worth checking out. I also found some free workouts from Puregym too

I hope the list will give you some ideas about how to keep active at home.

If you would like further support and on how to also have a healthy eating routine during lockdown, contact me to book your free 15 minute call

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