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  • Joanna Injore

Diet analysis- what are my daily nutrition needs?

Do you follow the same meal pattern every week? Do you avoid certain foods because of taste preferences or intolerances? Or have you recently started following a vegetarian, flexitarian or vegan diet?

Changes to your diet can influence the amount and type of macronutrients (energy, protein and carbohydrates) or micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) your body is receiving so you may not be meeting your daily nutrition needs.

There are various calorie counting software and apps available that help you track your daily food intake which is great if you want a simple count of what you are eating however if you want a comprehensive breakdown of your nutrient intake you may need something more.

I offer a dietary analysis report service which is combined with a consultation to provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your diet and tailored recommendations on how to make improvements. You just simply complete a 3-day food diary (the forms will be provided) and send it back prior to your appointment.

I will then conduct a comprehensive nutritional analysis using Nutritics (a leading nutrition analysis software) to produce a detailed report providing you with a breakdown of your average nutritional intake (calories, protein, fibre, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals). You may find this particularly useful to check whether you need supplements or have any particular health concerns for example if you would like to reduce your cholesterol level, increase your fibre intake or not sure where you are consuming additional calories. Your intake will be compared to the recommended standards for your age and gender which is useful for identifying possible deficiencies or excesses so we can really personalise your diet.

An example of the nutrition report you receive

The dietary analysis report can be added to any package- single initial appointments, a package of 3 appointments and meal plan package. Book your free 15 minute call to find out more!

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