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Cancer Podcasts to tune into

Do you listen to podcasts? Podcasts have become very popular in recent years as it’s a really easy way to digest information. You can listen to them while going for a walk, doing the ironing or just over a cup of tea at home.

I have collated a list of the top podcasts which talk about cancer, share different people’s experience and provide some information that may be useful if you or someone you care about is affected by cancer.

Most of the podcasts are available on Apple iTunes or Spotify which you can access on your phone, tablet or PC. Some are more informative or entertaining; each has their own style so try a few different ones and see which you prefer.

I have included a webpage link for the different podcasts or the iTunes or Spotify link where you can listen to them.

cancer podcasts

General podcasts

Macmillan Talking Cancer podcast

The latest series- series 3 is hosted by Radio DJ Angie Greaves talking to people living with and affected by cancer. You can find out more here

macmillan Cancer podcast

Listen on iTunes

Listen on Spotify

Black Women Rising - The Untold Cancer Stories

Breast cancer survivor & community activist Leanne Pero set up the Black Women Rising cancer project in 2017.

This podcast is aimed at raising awareness and provide support to women from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic groups.

Black women rising podcast the untold cancer stories

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Listen on Spotify

You, Me and the Big C: Putting the Can in Cancer

A popular BBC Radio 5 podcast from Steve Bland, Deborah James and Lauren Mahon. Read more on BBC Radio 5 live

You mea & the big c

Listen on iTunes

Listen on Spotify

The Cancer Patient Podcast

A podcast for cancer patients by cancer patients.

the cancer patient podcast

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Podcasts talking about specific cancers

Breast Cancer Now Podcast

Hosted by Breast Cancer Now, and features different topics from a range of experts and personal stories about living with breast cancer.

breast cancer now podcast

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Listen on Spotify

Bowel cancer UK podcast

Hosted by BBC journalist George Alagiah where he discussed his own treatment and diagnosis and interviews experts in the field. Links to listen are on the Bowel cancer UK website.

bowel cancer uk podcast

Target Ovarian Cancer

Podcast by Target Ovarian Cancer charity providing information form a range of experts.

target ovarian cancer

Listen on iTunes

Listen on Spotify

The Prostate Pod - Prostate Cancer Research

Hosted by Prostate Cancer Research providing information on prostate cancer treatment. Link to listen are available on the website

Blood Cancer UK

Podcast providing information on blood cancers by the Blood cancer UK charity.

Available on Spotify

If you are looking for information on cancer nutrition or diets book your complementary call

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